I have been listening to Sally’s music for 23 years.  I always felt like she was a “friend I hadn’t met yet”, however, even more than that, her music has been used by God in such a way as to help me draw near to God in a very deep and relational way.  I have had the joy of seeing her live, ministering to our congregation and Sally does not disappoint.  She truly is a modern day Psalmist, an accomplished musician, and a gifted communicator.  Angela Chan


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  1. I met Sally 25 years ago. I found out she was coming to town and Sally gave a live concert at my church. Sally’s love for God is overflowing out of her through her sweet, powerful voice, and with each stroke on her guitar strings. She pours out of her soul into the souls of others. The talent God has given her to share is expressed in a way that is unselfish and genuine. She cares about sharing her story to encourage others and remind them that God can help you in all areas in your life.

  2. Melinda

    Sally, you have the voice of an angel. I just listened to my CD, Hymns to Prepare the Heart. I love it! I sang along with you because the words were included. Some of the hymns I remembered from childhood and listening to them brought back sweet memories of my Mamee (my grandmother). When I heard “In the Garden” , I got chill bumps and teary. One of my favorites is “His Eye on the Sparrow”. What a great way to start my day! I just ordered another CD. Can’t wait! Love, Melinda

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