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A Wave Tossed in the Ocean

Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Inspirational Music, Gospel, Christian, Concerts, Public Speaker, Bookings, Christian, Twelve Step Recovery, GuitarThe Flip-Flopper!

One of my worst character flaws is what I call the ‘flip-flopper’ a/k/a chronically changing my mind, when agreeing to do a favor without addressing my calendar, and after I’ve said, “Sure, I can do that.”, finding, I just can’t do what I promised because I didn’t count the cost or take a minute to pause and consider my calendar. In fact, flip flopping extends to my food plan. Here to I have flip flopped with all of my yellow light foods, making them red light and then re-considering that they might not be red light!  “I can’t eat rainsins, they trigger me.” Three months later, “Oh, I can have a few raisins in my oatmeal!” I don’t drink coffee, it hurts my stomach and leads to GERD. Then, I flip-flop and “Oh, I can’t give it up, it tastes so good!” Well, I can’t give it up. I need Power and My God HAS Got it. 


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Save the Whales!

Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Blog, Music, Guitar Twelve Step RecoveryTomorrow, I’m going to have my beloved gall bladder removed.

It all started in November of 2013! I was in my office, on the phone with a friend who I hadn’t talked to in years and I started to have this incredible chest pain. I thought it was my heart and it was a growing pain that was so intense, I had to excuse myself from the conversation and hang up. I laid on the floor in the loft of my town house and was really scared.  And of course, being a nurse, became busy ‘reasoning’ that this must be PTSD and not my heart because the pain wasn’t radiating up my arm like a heart attack, because I don’t have a heart condition, because, because…. (You know the wizard of oz song, don’t you?) because, because, BECAUSE!!! “I bare-ly have high cho-les-ter-rol” (This line fits perfectly!). “la la la la la la la! We’re off to see the wizard…!”

Ok, so I got up and walked away from that episode and promptly forgot about it; completely forgot about it! I didn’t tell my doctor or my family or anybody. I just dismissed it. Then, in February, 2014, I was dating a guy for two months. We were talking on the phone. Remember? I was on the phone the last time it happened. I was again, in my office, on the phone, sitting in front of my computer and suddenly, the pain was growing; it felt like a sword was going through my chest. The pain was in my back, my chest, my sides and it was excruciating! Again, I hung up the phone quickly and laid down and tried deep relaxing breathing, like in child-birth, llamas! It finally passed and I thought, “I gotta break up with this guy!” And I did!


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Turkey Love!

Here comes Thanksgiving! Did you know that June is ‘National Turkey Lovers’ month? Of course, by November not many people are concerned with turkey love and our interest turns to turkey legs and where to get the best deal or recipe for a turkey.

Did you know that according to the National Turkey Federation
(Are you just a little amazed that turkeys have their own federation?) that:IMG_0104

1. Minnesota leads the nation in raising turkey for the country and in fact the world.
2. In 2013, 240 million turkeys were raised and over 200 million were consumed in the U.S.?
3. An estimated 46 million turkeys are eaten at Thanks giving, 22 million at Christmas and 19 million at Easter! At an average of 16 pounds per turkey, this translates to 736 million pounds of turkey consumed on Thanks Giving in America.
4. Turkey is one of the top ten foods for eyes because it is so high in zinc and b-vitamins (niacin) and these are essential for the body’s energy production as well.
5. Turkey meat is a source of iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Now here are some interesting claims made on the internet that I for one am sure I don’t believe. “Regular turkey consumption can help lower cholesterol levels.” (Body and Soul)   A recent study from Johns Hopkins University explains why I, for one, can not believe that!  

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