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The Herd Instinct!


Videos like this give great pause on a number of levels; It’s not just eating fish and how they are treated behind the scenes; it’s the aquarium industry! People buying beautiful fish to put in their homes and businesses. How it affects the coral reefs is astounding!  I watched a movie this past Sabbath (I often watch documentaries and nature videos rented from the library on my day of rest. It’s an absolute treat I highly recommend.) This is one small video clip from such a video. Here are a few statements the video made about the unique and special place called, ‘The Coral Reef”.

Diversity! These are a few of the statements made about life on the Coral Reef. ‘ There is more diversity here than anywhere else on the planet.’ Did you know, that ‘the community remains in balance because it functions together? The community stays healthy and whole because of diversity!. . . Neither plant nor coral can survive without the other. . . and that’s the key the whole coral reef community is built on: relationship!.”

Symbiosis: a relationship between two people or groups that work with and depend on each other; a cooperative relationship! Close Union of dissimilar organisms!! “The relationship between 2 different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other! This is so amazing: the glassy minnows, in groups of hundr Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Blog, Music, Guitar Twelve Step Recovery, Speaker, Concert Artist, sally.atari@yahoo.com, sallyatari.comeds,  move as a unit (these tiny little fish) and they dance as a group. The Gruber comes along and plows into the center of them in an effort to eat just one and can not isolate even a single minnow because of their ‘herd instinct!’ They press into each other and dance through the whole event! Oh, how beautiful!


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What do you Believe? Part 2

Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Twelve Step RecoveryWhat Do You Believe ~ THE SOLUTON

Now, let’s look at what the AA Big Book teaches as the key components of faith. You may ask, ‘Why? Who cares what this book says about faith?’ This book has led many to physical healing and has provided a spiritual gateway to those who would never consider God.  Additionally, the fingerprints of God are all over its pages!

To begin with, ‘Faith Means Courage‘ (Pg. 68).  This sentence is found on a page in the Big Book that teaches how to handle fear. My life was ‘driven by a hundred forms of fear’ (Pg.62). Most of my decisions were made through the lens or filter of fear. Was I trusting God? Was I going to God? When I look back, the answer is not complicated. No.

The truth is, I tried to reason my way out of everything. Oh, I had faith!  I trusted in my own reasoning skills. “We had been faithful, abjectly faithful to the God of reason.” (Pg. 54) I trusted in my ability to figure ‘it’ (every thing) out, to reason  my way out of every problem. If I couldn’t reason my way out, then I was scared and  turned to food. When I was happy, ‘Oh good,  food!’ When I was sad, food was my comfort. Tired? Food.  Angry? Food!  Lonely? Food!  The answer to every problem: food!

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