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14 Responses to Mailing List

  1. Mary Heverling

    I would love to be added to your mailing list. I reside in PA.

    Thank you very much.


    • Michelle

      Hello my name is Michelle and I am a grateful being who was blessed to have been guided to your site.
      I would love to be included on your mailing list

  2. Elaine White

    thank you

  3. Edith Robus

    Please add me to your mailing list. I live in TN.

    Thank you.

  4. I am a big fan,raised in a Greek/Italian family,my family came here in 1914,1919, father was born in 1920,in Manhattan,lower east side,my mother was born in Brooklyn,NY coney Island.i was born in 1953,June,and sing lyric tenor.My voice coach said my voice is similar to the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti.Now at 62,my voice is a spinto/lyric Tenor.My grandfather was a Greek Jewish Rabbi.Spoke broken english,my grandmother Amelia,only spoke greek/Italian.NO english.

  5. Gail P

    I was directed to your website by a fellow visionary. Kindly add me to your mailing list.

    Gail P.

  6. annie s ross

    hi sally and all visiting or hanging out

    i was given this site by a fellow visionary yesterday and i am already vacillating in your story A Wave Tossed By The Ocean! i am identifying with life as a flip flopper. the most beautiful part about it is this – i have already absorbed much from your share and your honesty that is helping me to overcome in less than a day! as i learn, i must continually reach for more material, for my daily reprieve is contingent on my spiritual fitness. thank you So much for your service sally. i am also in the process of listening to you on a special edition on Honesty; Step One. i can’t review Step One enough! a few of us are planning a retreat in a couple weeks and i already have AV4U Special Editions jotted down in my notes for a workshop or 2…or 3…

    with sincerity
    thank you
    annie r from PA

  7. Gayle Lee

    Please Add Me to Mailing List

    • Sally Atari

      Gayle, we don’t have a mailing list but if you would like to hear from us when a life boat is about to start, we do send out a mass email to all who have contacted us at lifeboat164@gmail to be sure you are aware and if you’de like to participate on the team, as a sponsor or protege, you may make that know at that time. Happy holidays you and all. Sally A. of NY (It’s so good to be home).

  8. Celine Coles

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! I would love to join the next life boat! When does it start?

  9. Willow

    please put me on the email list

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