Father’s Day: taking care of His kids!

Happy Fathers Day, Abba, Father!

On the Weekend of Father’s Day, and more specifically, Friday and Sunday (June 17 & 19, 2016), a wonderful out-pouring of love, care and much-needed medical attention was provided to Gods kids. Dental, medical, eye/optometry, and pastoral care (provided by two chaplains and a recent graduate of Andrews University Theological seminary (My own Son, Pastor David Ettari)), as well as massage therapy and lifestyle education was provided for two full days – all free to the communities surrounding and including Mansfield, Texas.  This was a pilot program, launched by the Texas Conference of  Seventh-Day Adventists. I happened to be visiting my son, who is presently in school and attending the Mansfield SDA Church, where this “field hospital” was set up requiring every inch of space.

Father's DAY Gift to God!

As I’m a nurse, I was amazed  at the ‘makeshift’ dental hospital, the presence of sophisticated portable eye exam macFather's DAY Gift to God!hines, X-ray and dental equipment, while patients lay in lounge chairs and dentists sat on chairs requiring some difficult maneuvering to reach their patients. Many of the dentists came from Texas A & M University, Baylor College of Dentistry.   I was amazed by the team spirit and the amount of volunteers present as well as the outpouring of hard work by a large group of strangers/medical professionals and volunteers of equal importance (most who call themselves Christians and some reporting no particular faith). They all came because of flyers on cars, announcements in churches, face-book advertisements, local Christian television (Good News TV), local schools and word of mouth – to facilitate a comprehensive goal that could be called, “Project Rescue Gods’ Hurting Kids.” It’s my understanding that all traveled at their own expense and in some cases, quite a distance. IMG_3181

The atmosphere shouted that “We are the family of God!” and His Spirit was evident to all. It was a glimpse of heavens’ mustard seed.

 The next table, lined with equipment, was for those seeking any form of care, ‘the registration table’. Once registered, all were pro-
The Registration Tablevided health screenings. Table after table after table of nurses were busy educating and screening for hypertension, Diabetes and more. Next, the halls were lined with chairs for those waiting for ex ray, dental care, cleaning, medical doctor consults, the eye doctor, and in the annex across the way, massage, life style education and counseling ( by a medical doctor) and pastoral prayer and care were set up.

One medical doctor flew from California, one from Tennessee, one of the many dentists told me he drove four hours. Others flew from distant parts of Texas.

They all came, in any case, sacrificing a relaxing Father’s Day! They came to donate their time and skills in the care of Gods’ kids, many of which were in dire need with no medical insurance. They came, bringing their talents and God-given skills to bless their Heavenly Father and care for HIS children.

I met a Nunurse anesthetistrse-Anesthetist among the rows nurses (RN’s or BSN’s). They were checking blood pressures and blood sugars for hours. One nurse shared that a young man had been found to have high blood pressure. Heart disease is a silent killer and when this young and unaware man learned of his condition, the nurse provided education on changes to his diet, including the importance of minimizing salt as well as the importance of self monitoring and where possible, reporting this to a primary care physician.

But many of the over 500 patients that received medical attention, including teeth cleaning, x-rays, extractions, eye exams leading to new eye glasses,  consults with medical doctors, and important screening for diabetes, Police Chief, Officer and Pastorheart disease and more, do not have medical insurance or the co-pay is cost prohibitive. Also present was the Mansfield Chief of Police and one of his officers pictured here with Pastor Sean Harris of the Mansfield Seventh Day Adventist Church. Dressed in uniform, he provided a sense of additional order to the safe environment of God’ house. His wife is also notable in that she was beaming for joy and expressing gratitude at finding a way to provide service to the Lord on Father’s Day . They are christians from another denomination, but  clearly, they are our brethren.  She explained that she’s a realtor, but dusted off her dental assistant license and was there to pitch in.

Dr. Brice

Dr. E. Bryce

 As I stood by an exit, I noticed a beautiful family; a young husband and wife with a small child in her daddy’s arms.family
I asked if they had any medical care. They smiled and said, “No. We didn’t need anything.” I asked if they were Seventh Day Adventists. They smiled and said, “We are members of the ‘Mansfield Mosque’. We saw the flyers and were curious.” It was my privilege to welcome them to the Seventh Day Adventist church and assure them, that they are more than welcome any time, and invited them to come again.
Just before I left, I met a well dressed man who had dental work and explained that he was living in a near-by shelter and was grateful to be out of pain. Asked if he knew what church this was, he said, ” It’s the Seventh Day Adventist Church”…. And then he said, ” I had no idea they did things like this.”


This organized production was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Texas Conference of Seventh perfect signDay Adventists, The Mansfield Seventh Day Adventist Church, aShauna (1)nd The Amen Free Clinic.  I met a young woman,
Shawnah Shelton,  who appeared to be one of the
gait keepers. She personally greeted me at the door and assessed what I needed and then I was directed as to where to go. I later learned, from Shawnah, that she is “The AMEN Clinic coordinator for the Mansfield ‘Clinic’, organizing volunteers both locally and nationally, marketing, gathering supplies, and much more.”  She told me that this weekend required six months of intricate planning. (www.amenfreeclinic.org)

 Kitchen Crew
Meanwhile, two kitchens were filled with volunteers, one preparing bag lunches to the many who came for care and the other kitchen, provided lunch for the many volunteers.
In the hallway, were a few of the hard workers, carrying clip boards and providing structure and order as well as direction as they maintained a flow to reach the care of each important department. They too, acted asvolunteer gatekeepers.

On friday, with only one massage therapist present, 82 back massages were given by the one hard-working volunteer massage therapist. On Sunday, a woman who
ad come for care, rolled up her sleeves and shared, “I used to be a massage therapist, how can I help?”  Every volunteer worked hard and poured themselves out in service. They appeared slightly wilted by the afternoon amassage therapynd yet worked full days. Some came for care and after signing up for needed medical attention, joined the team as well.

Two volunteers signed up and provided name tags and tee-shirts to volunteers (Servants of the Most High). They, too were guests at the church as they were not members but came to serve the same Lord!

Waiting in the Sanctuary

Waiting in the Sanctuary

Everyone had a role to play. People with smiles and stories of alleviated pain and  medical concerns rejoiced to have met with free professionathe nursesl care and service. Most of the volunteers came out for two days, and shared a common theme. “God has done so much for me, I felt I had to do something to give back!”

And so, on Fathers Day, 2016, Gods’ kid came out to serve the Kings’ hurting children in an outpouring of love to both God and fellow-man, to the Glory of God! Thank you, Lord for providing a way for so many to be blessed; the many hurting who came and found comfort and healing, and those seeking a way to pour out love and gratitude to our Heavenly Father.
It was an excellent Father’s Day!
And all of GOD’s children said, ” AMEN!”

 Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Blog, Music, Guitar Twelve Step Recovery, Speaker, Concert Artist, sally.atari@yahoo.com, sallyatari.com

 The Line Around the Church at 6 AM
                                   The Line Around the Church at 6 AM
Sally Atari RN, MSN is originally from New York and presently in South Jersey.
She specializes in Psychiatry; She is a singer and Song writer.  You may find her  at sallyatari@gmail.com/sallyatari.com


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  1. Wow what a great weekend. They should have had you do a concert! Great read and pics. Luv Angela

    • Sally Atari

      Oh, I did tell them that I wish I could have had the opportunity to sing and share about the word of God.
      Thanks for reading my life-story. It means the world to me, Ang!

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