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“I’m scared,” I said to my sister, Martha. “I don’t know where this will end!”  She said, “Don’t worry, Sal. You’ve lost the weight so many times before, You’ll lose it again.” I wasn’t so sure!  I have lived with a binge-disorder since I was eight years old (the memory of my first binge was the night my five-year-old sister died in a house-fire.)  I had bulimia from the age of fourteen until age twenty-two, had situational anorexia when my mother died, and had started my day on a diet countless times and by three PM, would become like a wild animal, on the hunt for my next binge. I was 137 pounds in the year 2000 when I walked away from God. Ten years later, when this picture was taken, I was spiritually starving, lost, and broken.   I weighed 248 pounds and once again, had reached bottom.  I was re-baptized in 2011. Less than a year later, I found a group of people who called themselves “recovered compulsive over-eaters”. They were studying the AA Big Book and applying the twelve Steps to their eating disorders.  I began to listen and learn and found a consistent message of principles to live by, as set out in both the bible and the AA Big Book (which some have lovingly called, “The Bible for Dumbies”. For more information, please feel free to email me at sallyatari@gmail.com

Before Recovery

Sally Atari a/k/a Sally Ettari Twelve Step Recovery

Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Twelve Step Recovery Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Twelve Step Recovery

After Recovery


Sally Ettari a/k/a Sally Atari, Singer and Song Writer, Blog, Music, Guitar Twelve Step Recovery, Speaker, Concert Artist, sallyatari@gmail.com, sallyatari.com, Studyspacer

Sally Atari a/k/a Sally Etteri

 Life Boat-Documents

The New Boot Camp
Protege Guidelines for Lifeboat
Sponsor Guidelines for Lifeboat
Daily Inventory, Eleventh Step Nightly Review
4th Step Flaws and Assets


Terry and Sally’s Ideals
Ninth step prayers, Two week Forgiveness process
Tenth Step Turn Around Information
Eleventh Step Nightly Review

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 Life Boat II- Recordings

Sally Atari a/k/a Sally Ettari Life Boat II



Step One

 9-07-14 ~  Four Forwards

9-09-14 ~ Doctor’s Opinion

9-11-14 ~  Doctor’s Opinion Part II

9-14-14  ~ Bill’s Story Part I

9-16-14  ~ Bill’s Story Part II

9-18-14  ~ Bill’s Story Part III

Step Two

9-21-14  ~ There is a solution Part I

9-23-14  ~ There is a solution Part II

9-28-14  ~ More About Alcoholism Part I

9-30-14  ~ More About Alcoholism Part II

Life Boat 12 Step Recovery

Step Two

10-2-14 ~ More About Alcoholism Part III

10-05-14 ~  We Agnostics

10-07-14 ~  We Agnostics Part II

10-09-14 ~ We Agnostics Part III

Step Three

10-12-14 How It Works Part I

Step Four

10-14-14 ~ How Works Part II

10-17-14 ~ How It Works Part III
(NOTE: MP3 Reads 10.17 but the recorded date is 10.19.14)

10-21-14 ~ How It Works Part IV

Step Five

10-23-14  ~ Into Action Part I

Step Six and Seven

10-28-14  ~ Into Action Part II

Step Eight and Nine

10-30-14 ~ Into Action Part III

Life Boat 12 Step Recovery


Steps Eight and Nine Continued

11-2-14 ~ Making Amends

11-4-14 ~ Making Amends Part II

Step Ten

11-9-14 ~ Guest Speaker Rebecca F.

Step Eleven

11-11-14 ~ Guest Speakers
Elayne B. | Sarah W. | Anne Marie M.

11-13-14 ~ Guest Speakers
Penny C. | Lois | Katie G.

Step Twelve

11-16-14 ~ Working With Others Part I

11-18-14 ~ Working With Others Part II
Guest Speaker Julie R.

11-20-14 ~ Working With Others Part III
“LAND HO ~ The Land of Recovered”


Life Boat 12 Step Recovery

Harlan’s  12 Step Meetings:

(These Documents & Recordings are available for individual use only and are   
not authorized for distribution without the express permission of the author.)
© 2016 sallyatari.com

18 Responses to 12 Step

  1. Nancy G

    Sally! Wow! You were a big girl! For some reason, I thought that you were the type that only had to lose a few lbs. You and I are more alike than I thought! I’m a big girl too but healing thanks to your beautiful Life Boat II — Nancy G

  2. Renay G

    Thank you for participating in saving my life.

  3. Sally – a big thank you to you and Terry for the beautiful service you rendered this fall on Lifeboat II. My abstinence began on Sept 1st 2014 — the day my 31-year marriage officially ended. The timing of this Lifeboat was such a gift in my life! It really helped me turn a corner in my life. I have appreciated your enthusiasm and commitment to a life of service in the program. I have a special place in my heart for the night you prayed with me and had me do a visualization exercise where I left my “top life fears” –for my children and my future at the feet of my Higher Power (and left them there for good). That was such a spiritual experience. Thanks again Captain, my captain!

  4. Rakefet

    Sally your web site is beautiful. You are providing such a service. The way you have laid out the recordings from Lifeboat II are so helpful. I can find immediately whatever it is I want. This is a beautiful job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your service. You go girlfriend!

    It’s such an honor and a privilege to know you my dear friend and have you in my life.


  5. Angel Carol

    hya Sally aka Sally the signpost to recovery…. this is what I affectionately called you when we first met. thank you for all your passion and joy as you carry this message of hope to us all. may you have a GOD filled day xxx

  6. Rosalynn

    Rosalyn C
    Like so many others I had the gift of desperation and God gave you the vision to bring a group of us into the land of recovered. Thank you Sally for being obedient. Life just keeps getting better.

    Life Boat I participant .

  7. krissy

    Thanks Sally- you opened me up to a journey of recovery I didn’t know existed. I know the best is yet to come!

    Love All the work you do and the example you present to me of a spiritual life.

    Krissy M

  8. Your story is a real inspiration, Sally. There are people in my family richly benefiting from taking the 12 steps, and I’m going to AlAnon based on the same principles. It’s a heroic journey, and God is always close–a “very present help in times of trouble.”

  9. Ilene W

    I’m currently in the Lifeboat, listening and studying all the Lifeboat #2 recordings in order. Even though they are recorded and not live, I feel as though I am right there, live, with you. This study, this way of teaching, this selfless giving of time, energy, wisdom and knowledge, is so life altering. I absolutely love that I can go at my own pace, on my own time, whenever I choose to sit down, in my quiet room, and lose myself in the Big Book. I have learned more in the past 9 days than my 5 years in the rooms of OA. I don’t think a “thank you” conveys enough my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for what you have made available for anyone who wants it – selflessly and wanting to be of service. My Higher Power brought me to you.
    I remain yours always.

    • sallyatari@gmail.com

      Ilene, I’m so glad you have the discipline (BB Pg. 88) and the willingness to listen and get well. These recordings were a lot of work and a pouring out of a lot of energy by many behind the scenes. And course, the co-teacher, Terry H. of Maine was a joy for me and brought her years of wisdom; she would be blessed to hear from you. The miracle of the web master who selflessly gave – freely of her time and talents to put them here on the internet is found in the story of Angela Chan (there is a search box on the top left of the blog page- if you put in her name, you can read the blog about her!) God brought her at the precise moment needed to make this possible. Please spread the news (one on one) so that others can get well! As you continue to move through the steps, remember that you are not alone doing this. God is with you and watching you. I am honored to be a witness. Sally

      • Ilene Weber

        Hi Sally…I’ve been listening again to the. Lifeboat recordings. They really are precious. I’d like to get in touch with Terry H. I have a few questions for her! Can you please let me know how I can reach out? Thank you so much 🙂

        • Sally Atari

          Teri H. phone number is a bit illusive right now. Ask around to people who have it. She’s not on VFY phone list. But she is on other meeting lists. I’m not at liberty to post it here.
          Sally A.

  10. Sarah Gray

    This is a great web site Sally, loaded with resources. I’m grateful for my seat on boat III. Of course it’s come at exactly the right time, not a convenient time. I’m accepting this as a gift, perhaps a key to the door.

  11. lori Barrasso

    I’m wondering if there will be any more Lifeboat offerings. I’d like to get on board!

    • Sally Atari

      I hope so! 🙂 IN God’s time. Maybe in September if all the stars line up (If God leads thus.)

    • Sally Atari

      Great Question, In Gods time, there may perhaps be more life boats. There is no launch date planned at this time. Thank you for asking. When a boat is planned, it will be announced at the top of the 12 step recovery page.
      Sincerely, Sally

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