Welcome Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Fellows!

After years of serving my Creator, my best Friend, and my God, it is my joy to be found by old and new friends. Here, you will find all four of my albums, including the latest, “The God of Second Chances”.  Both the music and the lyrics are a gift from God. I hope you will be blessed and drawn to a stronger spiritual connection with your God.

You will find this isn’t just a site to find peaceful, Godly music.  For the past few years, I have read Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book in my journey to overcome an eating disorder and additionally, to  help to bring others to the same recovery through the twelve steps that I have found through this wonderful book. I’ve never been an Alcoholic or a drug addict but I have struggled my whole life with eating disorders. Because of my own struggle with compulsive over-eating, it is my pleasure to give voice to a ministry of healing and spiritual growth and help others along in their journey.  Above, you will find a button for Twelve Step Recovery where tools that I have created may be found. Please feel free to down load and share any and all information with friends. It is such a joy to have a place to write about the miracles going on in my life as I am so blessed on so many levels.

One of the goals of this website is to, in effect, convince you that Your God loves you! You are so loved by God and He means to do you good! Recently, a precious Jewish friend asked me, ‘How do you know that God loves you?   What makes you so sure?’ I was reminded of a day many years ago when I asked that same question in prayer. As a new student of the bible, it was miraculous to me when I stumbled onto the scripture found in Isaiah 43:1-5. Eventually, I put it to music. I call it, ‘His love Song’, because it is one such evidence. It is also my goal to keep the conversation focused on my relationship with God, not a discussion about religion or doctrinal studies. I’m glad you’re here and I would be so happy to hear from you, too!

Your Sister, His Servant,
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